Chapter 22 Sandra Wants To Be A Mommy

I pulled all my fur out again and I put it all in one place behind Bibi’s pink pillow.

I did that because I want to have babies and before they have their own fur they can stay warm with mine. That’s how we do it. I really want these babies.  I made everything ready for them.

I was so excited running running running around all week. I was so happy I was going to be a mommy. I mean I really thought I was going to be.

I pulled all my fur out and put it in a good place where we could be.

But then there were no babies.  I don’t know why.

Then I got sad.  Why are there no babies? I got sad and I hid all the next day. I only came out to eat and I ran away every time Bibi tried to hold me.

But at night I did let her hold me and she said: I know why you are sad I am sad too  It would be great if there were babies for both of us You are so wonderful Sandra and you are like a little baby for me  I love taking care of you and playing with you I love seeing you happy and running and jumping and playing hide and seek I know why you are sad but Sandra I love you and we WILL have more animals and people in our family and maybe they just won’t be babies

Then I hopped out to my outside house and I played in the wet snow even though it was dark, and I sat on my balcony right outside the cat door for a while.

I am not going to be sad for so long.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny