Chapter 10: The Very Best Thing On My Porch

After Christmas we came back to our house. In wintertime I live in Bibi’s house. I still go to my outside house all the time. I like rain and snow and I don’t care how cold it is because I used to pretend I was an outdoor bunny. My water used to freeze every night when Bibi gave it to me before she trapped me and took me inside to be her bunny. Now from my outside house I can always go back inside whenever I want. And I can go onto the porch.

It’s not wintertime anymore now. It’s warm outside. I like to be on my porch a lot.

There is something on my porch right now that I love more than anything that was ever on my porch.

It is my bunch of raspberry branches.  Bibi cut them off our raspberry bush because they were taking over our garden. She brought them home.

I love the raspberry jungle in our garden.  It’s my favorite place to hide. Once there was a branch hanging very very low and I could reach the sweet little red parts.  I liked that.  But I think it’s silly that people only eat that very little tiny sweet red part, because I like every single other thing about about my raspberry branches.

I love to eat the leaves. If you ever look on a list of things bunnies like to eat, it says raspberry leaves.  I eat them when they’re fresh, I eat them when they’re dry and crunchy.

I eat the roots. I chew on the twigs and branches. I even eat them while I’m eating the phone book. 

My teeth need to keep chewing and raspberry branches are the best thing.

It is the best beauty secret for pretty girl bunnies. My fur has never been shinier or softer.

If you know any indoor bunnies, tell them they have to get their own indoor raspberry jungle.

Next I am going to tell you about the thing I most don’t like on my porch!

Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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