Chapter 11: The Thing On My Porch I Do Not Like

Bibi brings me things that she finds for me and if it’s treats or good branches to chew I like it.

I want to tell you about one thing that I do not like on my porch.

One day she came home with something very silly that I don’t like and I don’t need.

I don’t know what it is. She put it on me and I wiggled out of it.  Once I got it off me from the front and once from the back even though she made it tight on me.

I hope you never see me in this again.

If you want to walk your pet in this you should get another kind of animal. Not me.  I don’t know why she thought we would ever go anywhere with this. There are no bunnies anywhere that need this.

If an outdoor bunny saw this on me he would think it was very very funny.  I don’t know who made this silly thing.

No bunnies are ever going to hop somewhere someone wants them to because of a rope like this.

There is one thing on my porch that I like AND I don’t like. It’s my pellets. There is a kind that is really really good for me and there is a kind with some treats mixed in. Bibi mixes them when she feeds me to trick me. I wish she wouldn’t mix them though because it makes it harder to pick out the ones I like.

This is what I do. I tip over my bowl with my mouth and spread them all over so I can separate them easier.  Sometimes I put my paws in the bowl and splash some out.  That makes it easier for me to pick out the pellets I like and I eat them first. After that I eat the other ones.

You have to be very smart and very fast and wiggle out of anything if you are a bunny because everyone is trying to trick you.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny