Chapter 14: Sandra Likes To Eat… Cat litter?

Everyone is worried because I started eating Rocky’s cat litter. It tastes good because it’s a new kind of cat litter made out of corn. Bunnies aren’t supposed to eat corn though. But I am not worried.

Bibi and Maria are very worried because this is a kind of cat litter that clumps together when Rocky pees in it. They don’t want it to clump in my bunny belly.

Bibi called the people that make it and they said it’s OK just a little bit but don’t let bunny eat too much of that.

For a long time Bibi had to lock me in our room when nobody was home to make sure I didn’t go into Rocky’s cat pan. But I still went there when nobody was looking and started making magic pellets there and peeing there myself.

Maria says maybe Sandra wants to be a cat.

I don’t want to be a cat. But I do want to eat the corn cat litter and make magic pellets in Rocky’s cat pan because I want Rocky to know I think I can do anything I want even though I know that’s his place. I can still be dominant even though he is a big boy cat and it is his house. Don’t you want to be dominant?

When Bibi and Maria saw me they yelled NO SANDRA. Because they got so tired of cleaning up after me. I don’t step in and out of cat pans. I hop and my back legs are so strong it sprays cat litter everywhere.

They tried to think of things that would make a bunny not want to be there. They put lots of pepper in the cat pan. But I didn’t care. Then they put salt in. I even liked the corn cat litter with a little salt. I just drank more water.

Bibi was upset and asking what we should do because she didn’t want to lock me in the room alone all the time and Maria really wants to keep using this corn cat litter.

She figured out that bunnies hate lavender. Bibi bought lots and lots of lavender and threw it in Rocky’s cat pan every day.

When I went to eat my corn cat litter I jumped back a little because I think lavender stinks so bad. I got closer and smelled it and I pulled away.

Bibi and Maria started laughing because now they tricked the bunny. I hate lavender! I tried to find some little bit of corn cat litter that was not messed up with lavender but there wasn’t any.

That did stop me from eating Rocky’s cat litter. But it did not stop me from making magic pellets there. Then Maria said I think Sandra just wants a pan of her own near where Rocky’s is.

So they put another pan there for me with my things which are newspaper and hay.

And the first day they did that I started making magic pellets in my pan there.

And then Rocky started peeing in my pan. It’s OK.

Here you can see Rocky between my dandelion leaf and my dry food.

Everybody does things different. In our family now we have two people and two cats and me.

This is how Maria gives me banana every day on the sofa in the morning. I like it here.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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