Chapter 14 Sweet Sandra Applebelly

as told to Bibi on Sept 25th, 2012.

All day today Bibi called me Sweet Sandra Applebelly. It’s because I ate something that I found on her side of our porch.

Yesterday she forgot to put the divider there so I explored a little bit. I found whole bag of just perfect apples! I got myself one out of the bag.  A whole bag of apples and all night in front of me!

I will tell you the fruits I like: apples, pears, bananas, mango and raspberries. I am only supposed to have one tablespoon of any of these a day though. It’s because there’s so much sugar in them and one tablespoon is all I can get.  Rabbits don’t know when to stop when it comes to sugar and it’s not good for our bunny bellies.

But I didn’t remember that when I found a whole bag of apples.  This is what Bibi saw when she woke up.

She said: “Sandra Applebelly!  That’s what you are!  You ate more than a half of an apple!”

I felt fine and I didn’t care.  Look how many little bites I took from that apple:

I never ever took any food that wasn’t mine ever.

I know cats and dogs always take food that is not theirs. They bug you when you’re eating something they like. I never do that. If Bibi is eating something I like she gives me some anyway. I don’t go through the garbage.  This was the first time I ever found any food I like just sitting there.

Mice also take food that is not theirs. We had mice once and they even took my food. They took one pellet at a time and they took it and hid it somewhere.  Bibi found the nest where they put all my pellets. I don’t know why they didn’t just eat them up.  Maybe they were saving them for their mouse babies who don’t know how to steal their own food yet.  I didn’t care, they can have my pellets if they’re so hungry.

One thing I do not understand: If rabbits are only supposed to have one tablespoon anytime we eat apples, what about outdoor adventure bunnies when they play in the apple orchard? Don’t they eat as much as they want?

If you can figure this out please write to me. Are their bunny bellies different than mine?

This is what I think: I think maybe these people on the internet made it up about the tablespoon and really it’s ok for us to have as many apples as we want!

Here are the apple twigs and branches Bibi brought to my porch so I always have some yummy wood to chew on. I even eat the leaves when they’re all dried up and crunchy.I have another question for you. All animals that I know, they do or make something. Goats and cows make milk, chickens make eggs.

Other animals do things. Dogs pull sleds and chase away burglars. And they can smell so many things they can find criminals sometimes. They can help blind people go somewhere. Horses can bring people places on their back. Donkeys carry things.

I can’t do those things but I make magic pellets so plants are happier.  Also, I can make hundreds of rabbits if you want! I dig holes and I make warm fur nests.

But I don’t know what cats do! They lie around mostly. They make you do things for them.  They make a meow sound and a purr sound. They eat and they sleep a lot. I am stretching and lounging like a cat here:

I wonder how many apples they can have…Oh one thing they do, they catch mice! I guess that’s good, because people don’t want there to be mice. There are so many cats in the world.  I guess we should keep them or there will be too too many mice.

Does anybody care how many apples mice eat?

No, ONLY  indoor bunnies have to think about too many apples!

Anyway, today my name is Sweet Sandra Applebelly and I hope you like my story and I hope you can eat as many apples as you want.


Sweet Sandra Applebelly / aka Sandra Free Range Super Bunny










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