Chapter 16: Who Rescued Who?

Who Rescued Who?                                      by Bibi Farber

Her little bunny ears were cold from being outside.  We just snuggled for a few minutes when I got out of bed. That means she came in from her outside house, through her cat door, onto my desk and ran around a little with me chasing her. Then she let me lets me catch her. She loves to be pet, but often wants to be chased first. I say: “Sandra, Good Morning my little morning bunny. Were you just being an outside bunny? I love you so much! How I love my little Sandra!”

She closes her eyes, I stroke her head, kiss her cold bunny ears, and put one hand under the front of her tiny body. She squeezes my fingers with her front paws.  Then she licks my fingers with her tiny tongue — methodically, evenly and in order, as if she is polishing silverware.

After a few sweet snuggle moments she springs up and zooms around and around the room. This is how she lets me know it’s time for breakfast.

Pellets, hay, fresh water and a breakfast salad arrive. Sandra gets 2 kinds of pellets, filtered water, and fresh, organic greens hand picked for each meal, sometimes with a little fresh fruit treat.

The highlight of my life, by far, is caring for this rabbit.  I don’t even know where she came from. One day I spot a domestic abandoned rabbit under my neighbor’s porch that the dogs can’t wait to attack. I gave her a piece of apple, she let me pet her. The next thing I know I’m in love.

To experience this tender, wordless connection is like nothing I have ever known.  They way she just lets me hold her like a baby in my arms… she sort of falls into a trance and doesn’t move at all for half an hour, and she just lets me talk to her, hold her, kiss her and be warm together.

Sandra didn’t just make my house a home…she transformed it into a fairy tale rabbit castle. I get to be her lucky human friend, her roommate, a kid with a magic rabbit — and her mommy.

When she first moved in, I had imaginary conversations with her all day long, which I enjoyed tremendously. This is how I tried to learn how she felt about everything. What she liked, what she needed, what made her feel cozy and safe…I just tuned into her completely.

Her communication, intelligence and sense of humor provide a thrill every single day. It’s the way she tugs at my pants when she wants to be picked up. It’s feeling her little paws on the back of my calves when we’re in the garden and I’m weeding. It’s the way she often flops down like a puppy at my feet even if she doesn’t want to be in my lap.  And the Special Bunny Shows! What could be more precious than this? Rabbits show their approval of you by running around you in circles, super fast with delightful leaps, twisting in mid air. Sandra does puts on these shows every day. Then she licks herself, stretches out and goes to sleep.

And for the first time in over 40 years, someone tucked me into bed.

While painting the inside of my house, I set up camp in the second bedroom for a few weeks, a room she has access to. In warm weather she spends about 90% of her time in her outside house, with ramps leading to her porch where her food is, and this room.  During the spring and summer she shows little interest in this room and no interest in the bed for her own sake. She strongly prefers being under and behind furniture, not on it.

But during this time, she would tuck me in every night. When brushed my teeth and started turning off lights, she would jump on that bed and wait for me. I would cuddle with her, pet her and tell her I love her in both bunny ears. As I drifted off, I could hear her go back to her world, her outside house.  She just came in to say goodnight.

And in the morning, she would barrel in through the cat door if she so much as heard me turn over. One day she was there already and I woke up to the feeling of her cleaning my fingertips with her very tiny pink tongue.

Good morning to you too Sandra! Every day is magical that I get to share with you. My sense of well being skyrockets when you are anywhere near me. I love you SO so much. I know we will be connected from here on, forever more, because this is real true love and this is timeless.

You rescued ME little bunny, you did!

Bibi Farber






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