Chapter 17: Sandra Sometimes Lives In New York City

As told to Bibi on January 5, 2013

I am having a big adventure away from home right now.   Last year I came to New York City for Christmas. This year Christmas is lasting 6 weeks.

When I am in the city some things are not so fun as they are at home and some things are more fun.

All the bunnies in New York are indoor bunnies. There can’t even be outdoor bunnies here, or even bunnies pretending to be outdoor bunnies like I was. There is not even trees and raspberry jungles and there’s not even dandelions that taste good. There’s not even the real ground.  That’s why no bunnies have an outdoor house here. There’s too many people that need to walk where all the outside bunny houses would be.  And the ramps would have to be too too high up in the sky and we would be scared to hop up them so high.  People built New York and they built it just for people and all the things they like.

So it means I have to be indoors all the time.  At home I play in my outside house whenever I want and I come back inside whenever I want, even in wintertime. In New York I am just inside. I don’t hear any birds here and I don’t see the moon anymore. This place is so small Bibi and I share one room.  In New York your house can be just one room and even the kitchen is in that room. So so small for a person, but not so bad for a rabbit.  Bibi made one side of the room all mine with my hay and food and everything.

My favorite place is still under the bed. Most of  all I love being under things and behind things.

At home I am not supposed to be a bunny in the bedroom. People want to sleep all night and not wake up.  I like to be up running around and exploring  so I am up all night. Now that we are on our vacation adventure  I do wake Bibi up a lot but she is so happy to see me.  I jump up to the bed and she always pets me until she falls asleep again.

One night I was too too noisy though. I kept going back behind the sink and the stove.  It was the most dirty place anywhere. She found mouse poison back there and that was what I thought smelled so interesting. She threw it all away and made a barricade out of cardboard and tape but I scratched and chewed my way through it.  By the morning I had made a little hole that I got myself through.

The next barricade she made was plastic and that made me give up.

We are getting closer and closer and closer and more snuggly than ever. One day Bibi said: “Sandra” and I jumped right up on the bed.  Now she thinks I can understand sounds people make.  But that’s not what happened. I heard it in a different way, a faster way that didn’t even go through my bunny ears.

When she wakes up, even if she doesn’t move or say “Sandra” I know she just woke up and I jump up and I get under the covers and she holds me and we say good morning that way every day.

On Christmas I met everyone in Bibi’s family.  This is Bibi’s daddy and her nephew.

 Everyone here is so sweet to me.

And I keep meeting cats in New York! I think I can be friends with cats — if they are nice ones. This is my cousin cat Jack. He reached out his paw to me and we touched noses. Sometimes he seems like he wants to chase me but if he’s sleepy he is very nice. I even went right up to him! I’m not scared of my cousin.

This is Jack’s mommy, my Aunt Celia.

And here is another cat named Biscotti.  She is older and she didn’t even see me so good. I was not scared of her either.Here are some more people I met.  This is Biscotti’s mommy.The two purple and pink princesses were very nice to me.  They got 2 toy bunnies and they named them both Sandra!

My cousin Jack even came with us back to our real house for a few days.

His job was to scare the mice away. That is one thing he is really good at.  I can’t be so scary to mice because they know I am more interested in things I eat, and I could never eat them. I don’t even care if they take my food.  But Jack is just so scary to them so we never saw them.

Once Bibi was petting each of us with one hand and we both licked her fingers at the same time.  We also touched noses that day.

Here he is looking at me make magic pellets in my outside house. I bet he wishes he had an outside house.

Here we are all packed up to go back to New York.  We got back yesterday and Jack went to his mommy and we went to our little room and I already adjusted myself.

Now I know it’s ok if we have to be in New York sometimes. I get to sleep in Bibi’s bed and I get to meet cats that are nice and I get to eat organic dandelions from a big store. You just have to look for different fun things are if you are in a different place. I hope you always find the fun things wherever you are.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny



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