Chapter 20: His Name Is Boxer

He still lives in our bathroom. His name is Boxer because Bibi’s friend Patty said we found him on Boxing Day so that should be his name. This is where he lives until he has his operation.

Bibi takes him out every day to say hello to us so we can smell each other. She has to hold him carefully the right way. This is what happens – we all go CRAZY. Boxer tries so hard to get free so he can chase us around. If Bibi wasn’t holding him the right way he would bite her. He gets too too excited to see us. Then Bella and I start chasing each other around and around and we bite each other’s fur off.

We go crazy because Boxer is a young boy bunny and he wants there to be bunny babies too. He can only be in the same room with us in Bibi’s hands for 2 minutes a day because it scares her how crazy we all get.

But we can’t have bunny babies because of Bibi. Boxer is going to have his operation.

This is how much fur Bibi brushed off of him. He is a brave bunny and he likes adventures. When Bibi takes him to the garden he wants to jump up on everything. He nibbles on every single thing that grows there. Now it’s wintertime so he eats dried up dead things. Then he tries to escape like by digging around the edges or by finding a hole in the fence.

He is friendly to people. It’s almost like he doesn’t know he is supposed to be scared. Bibi says he seems more like a puppy. People mean that in a good way. Bibi means he seems silly and sweet and cute and always wants to be picked up. When I think of a puppy that means a baby dog and that means a predator. I don’t ever want to meet a puppy.

Bibi brought him home because Patty’s dogs found him in the bushes and it was cold and raining. He was lost. He needs a place to be like me and Bella did. Bibi said she would take him to the doctor and then the shelter. But she changed her mind because she visited the shelter and they have so many rabbit cages even the president of the shelter has to have four of them in her office.

Too too many bunnies have to live there all the time until someone gets them. Bibi took pictures when she went there.

I like him OK. But I don’t like how crazy he makes Bella. She is like a different Bella when Boxer is in the room.

She always go to sit by his door because she wants to see him.

Bella thinks about Boxer all the time. I know she wants to make Boxer her bunny.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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