Chapter 23 Sandra Disappears Down A Rabbit Hole

Today I did the very most fun thing ever. I was underground in a real rabbit hole. I stayed there for almost 3 hours. Bibi couldn’t reach me with her arm.

It’s because Boxer dug us a deep rabbit hole in the bunny garden.

Boxer dug it all himself. I saw him dig and dig and dig and chew away all the weeds and pull them out by the roots with his mouth and when he made a big pile of dirt he turned around and pushed it away so he could keep digging more. There was even big rocks in there.

On the days he made it I just watched him.

When he got tired and just laid down and panted in between his digging.

Bella went down in the hole sometimes but she wiggled back out.

Most days we all go together but today Bibi took me to the garden alone. It’s better because Bella is still mad at me and chases me and bites me. If we go alone I can eat a belly full of weeds and relax until it’s too too hot and the sun is out and we have to go back home.

But today I just went straight down in Boxer’s rabbit hole.  I went down there and it was cool and dark and cozy. This is the last she saw of me.  You can only see my tail.

It was the best place I ever was. It was so perfect. I loved being down there. Rabbits are supposed to be underground and if you are an indoor bunny you never get to go there.

But I stayed there so long Bibi got scared because she couldn’t see me. She put her whole arm down and she still couldn’t even feel where I was. She could feel how much room Boxer dug down there. There’s even different rooms.

She even stuck a stick down there and she couldn’t feel me with that. Boxers rabbit hole is very very deep.  He dug it so good.

Bibi got scared like when an indoor cat runs away into the woods.

She said Sandra PLEASE Come Back Out

But I was in the best safest place ever. I was in a real rabbit hole that Boxer dug for us. I didn’t want to come out. I loved it so much.

Bibi went back home and got one thing she thought I would like to come out for and it was a banana. She put her whole arm down the rabbit hole again with the banana piece. The last time when I was down there for half an hour that trick worked. When I smelled that I did come back outside. She let me eat two big pieces because she was so happy I came back.

But this time I was so far inside I didn’t even smell the banana.  She had to wait over 2 hours for me. She was very upset. She was scared.

People don’t like anything underground because that’s where they put each other when they die. And they can’t breathe down there.

After almost 3 hours I came out by myself. Bibi was about to get a shovel and just start digging up the whole thing to get to me. She was mad.

Now we have to think about if I’m ever allowed to be in a rabbit hole ever again. She stuck back some dirt and some wood in the hole and now we can’t play down there unless she moves those things so we can keep digging again.

When we came back inside she had to clean me up like a muddy puppy because I got so dirty in the dirt. 

She said: Sandra you smell like the earth.

I was so happy and I ate a lot and jumped around and I was excited for 2 days.

Boxer did something smart. Most indoor bunnies don’t get to be in a real rabbit hole ever. Now I know I love rabbit holes. I want to go back tomorrow.

This is the thing that is most different between me and people is they don’t understand how good a real rabbit hole is.

It’s all I think about is going down there again.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny