Chapter 24: Bella Is Almost Our Bunny

sandra and bella heads together winning photoBella’s Mommy comes to visit all the time. Sometimes she cries and wants to take Bella back to her house. She says Bella doesn’t even know she is her mommy anymore. She cries very loud. She says Why is Bella always at Bibi’s house? It’s like she was kidnapped!  I want her to come home.


Bella’s mommy just turned 4 years old. I am 5 years old.


We didn’t kidnap Bella we only wanted her to stay with us because bunnies are so much happier together and we don’t want her to live in a cage all alone because we are here and we love her and we need her.

sandra and bella so bonded


When she cries like that Bibi and Bella’s mommy’s mommy say: Bella will stay with Sandra for the winter. It’s too too cold on the porch in wintertime and Bella can’t be in your room. She will poop everywhere and she will chew everything. We can bring her back in the springtime.

The last time she was here she even said it herself. She said Bella should stay with Sandra until springtime. She said it like it was her idea.

I hope they never come and take Bella back ever. She is the only rabbit friend I ever had. Everyone else I know is a person or a cat. I can’t play with them the same way. We do every single thing together. 100 times a day we smell each others noses. We play chasing games and we chew on big willow branches until there is no bark anymore.

sandra and bella branch

sandra and bellas branch

We eat the same things at the same time. I used to just eat alone, every single thing.

sandra and B- Bibi always wants to take pictures

Bella is still teaching me how to eat more things. I never would eat a radish before.

sandra radish

And I never would eat broccoli stems.bella eats broccolli

Now I even eat endive. Just because Bella does. There is no single thing Bella does not like except the alfalfa sprouts Bibi tried to give us. Bella’s mommy says Bella eats everything even eggs. Eggs are from birds. I don’t think we are supposed to eat them.

She sometimes leaves a few leaves or pellets for later. Bella did not used to do that. She always ate every single thing so fast like there was never going to be any more food. She even ate the hay like she had to hurry so much. Now because she has lived with us since before wintertime she knows we always get breakfast salad, dinner salad and pellets two times and fruit and rabbit cookie treats. And we will never run out of timothy hay.  I am almost always done eating before Bella.

sandra- sometimes I am done and Bella keeps eating

Bella is very scared and shy and she won’t let Bibi pick her up or cut her nails. She does like to be pet on the head though. Most of the time we are right next to each other so Bibi can pet us both with one hand.

sandra and B- we are always together

Now that she knows how to jump she does that every day and she can play in my outside house. She didn’t used to know how to even jump to get out there but now she plays there a lot.

sandra taught bella how to play in outside house

We pretend we are outdoor bunnies. We still have to kiss all the time.

sandra and bella outdoor bunniesBella plays with more rabbit toys than I do. She also chews things Bibi doesn’t want her to chew.  She chewed these curtains:  bella eats curtains

She chewed this carpet:bella eats carpetbella eats carpet 2

And she chewed our string of lights.

bella eats Christmas lights

In the morning when Bibi opens our door Bella zooms around the living room so so fast. I did that too when I was only 2. That is how old Bella is.

Today Bella did binky hops. That means when a bunny leaps through the air and wiggles while they are in the air. We only do that if we are very happy.

And this is one thing we only do if we feel very very safe. We lie on our side. Sometimes if a bunny feels extra super safe, she will even lie on her back and everyone can see her bunny belly. Cats do that all the time but we almost never do that.

Bella knows she is safe here with us. Our family is me and Bibi and Bella.

sandra so bonded 3


Yesterday I was at the hospital and they took a bad bump off of my chin. It was bigger than a pea. I did this 3 years ago too. I just have to take some medicine that I don’t like but I am fine. They did not hurt my mouth and I still eat and I feel good.

sandra and bella on shag rug 2

I hope you have someone you love to play with and eat with and if you go to have an operation I hope it will be fine and you come home and everything is good.



Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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