Chapter 27 Boxer Is Really Our Bunny Now

Boxer Is Really Our Bunny Now                                                       As told to Bibi Farber

boxer on orange chairWhen he first came I snapped at him and I was always angry when he chased me and wanted to play with me. I was grunting at him my kind of sound I only make if a boy bunny is chasing me.

He had his operation. Now we are friends.

sandra and boxer eatHe is a very silly rabbit. These are two silly things he did: he ate all the lavender that was for decoration on Bibi’s desk. It was there for a very very long time and Bella and I never went to eat it. Bunnies aren’t even supposed to like lavender. Also, there was a big tomato in a shopping bag in a room we were in and Boxer ate half of it. Maybe Bella would do that. But I only ever did that one time when Bibi left apples on my porch by mistake.

sandra and boxer yin yangHe is only one year old. Bibi knows the people who found him on the street. He wants to be best friends with everyone. He doesn’t even know how to run away when people come up to him. Bibi says he is more like a puppy than a bunny rabbit.

Every single day he does binky hops. That is when a bunny dances in the air because he is happy. Also, one time he stretched himself out and just rolled over. Just for fun. We never saw a bunny do that.

He was molting and too too much white fur came off of him. It means he got all new fur.

boxer sheds a lotWhen he first came to our house Bella always wanted to smell him and let him chase her. She chased him too. I was just snapping at him. I didn’t know he was going to really be our bunny.

boxer and bellaThen Bella made Boxer her best friend. They bonded. That means they clean each other and they snuggle. They eat together and they play. She licks the top of his head between his bunny ears and he does that on her head too. Bella is twice as big as Boxer.

But Boxer and I are friends too and that is why Bella is mad at me. We don’t groom each other but we play chasing games and we eat together. I like knowing a boy bunny.

sanddra and boxer sidewaysWe can’t even be left alone in the same place anymore because Bella bites off my fur. But I can run faster than her. I am not scared. I don’t run away so far when she does that, not like if I was running away from a fox. I don’t even hide. I stay in the room and sometimes I just stretch out and relax until she is done being mad at me.

I think it is still my house and both these silly bunnies came after me. Bella is silly too. She wants to be the boss of us.

Boxer sometimes runs around with us. He puts himself near me when she wants to bite off my fur. He stops her from hurting me.

Bella is so different from us. She does a lot of licking and cleaning when she finds a bunny to be best friends with. It used to be me.

sandra and bella snuggleMe and Boxer can be friends and be bonded with people and snuggle and feel safe. Bella doesn’t want to be friends with people – only rabbits. She doesn’t let people pick her up. She has to have rabbits for friends.

bella and boxer boyfriendThat is why I am not so sad that Bella wants to be best friends with Boxer and not me anymore. I like having more bunnies in our family and I know one day we will all play together again.Sandra- Best New Power Trio


Sandra The Free Range Superbunny





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