Chapter 6: Playtime In The Garden

Summer means it’s hot, but we get to play Bunny In The Garden and I love that. It’s a big garden that Bibi put chicken wire around so I can’t shimmy my way out, like I can do through the deer fence. 

My garden playground is so safe that I can even be there by myself all alone. Here I am in the carrot bushes.

Sometimes I dig big holes.  I hop around and I eat weeds. Sometimes I just relax. My new favorite place is under the wheelbarrow. I really love being under things and behind things.

All the things I eat are growing now! We go to the garden together and Bibi waters and pulls out weeds. What I bring is, I sometimes leave my magic pellets. Bibi and I both find so much to eat. Sometimes it’s the same things. Sometimes we even eat the same things at the same time.

But when I am in the garden I don’t eat real crops. I really like to just eat weeds. Bibi sees what kinds of weeds I like and she brings them for me at home too. I eat clover, dandelions, purslane, lambsquarters, mint, oregano, carpetweed, leaves of wild strawberries and I love all kinds of grass.  If you’re an outdoor bunny I think that is what you mostly ever get.

When I get home I get more things from the garden in my salad. Bok choy, kale, cilantro, beet greens, carrots and the tops, collards, basil, mustard greens, lettuce but not light leaf, arugula, and leaves of raspberries and leaves of string beans.

I am a lucky because most of the time, I eat all these things when they were picked less than 5 minutes ago.

This is how everyone knows I am an indoor bunny. There is a chair in the garden and when I am alone there I sometimes sit in that chair and clean myself.  When Bibi comes back to the garden she sees me sitting on the chair and she thinks it’s funny because I have the whole garden to run around in but I am just sitting in my chair like a pretty girl who doesn’t want to get messy.

Last time we were in the garden I did a new thing.  Bibi was on her hands and knees planting something when she felt something on her calves. It was me – I climbed up onto her back and I just sat there for a few minutes.  I like climbing and jumping and exploring.

I am a tough little girl because I had to pretend I was an outdoor bunny when it was winter before Bibi said I could be her bunny and I could live here.  I had to figure it out myself. Too much to think about.

Hope you always have fun in summertime and you get to play in a garden too!


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny