Chapter 3: Sandra Gets Her Own Outside House

I wasn’t even always allowed to go inside Bibi’s house for a really long time. She wanted to let me in but sometimes I peed on the carpet and sofa so everyone would know it was really mine. I also liked to dig in the rugs and make holes in them. I chewed up lots of things. We like to chew things because our teeth never stop growing.

I chewed a special wire into 14 pieces.  It was in Bibi’s closet. She lets me play Bunny In The Closet and since I never chewed wires before she was surprised when she counted all the pieces. She said Sandra that’s why my internet stopped working.  

Bibi went to an apple orchard and got me a bag of apple branches and twigs to keep me busy while she hides all the wires in her house.

Bibi knows that I also like to play outside and eat weeds.  So a man named Alex made me my own outside house that is also part of Bibi’s house. It’s good because it has two ways to go- I can go from my porch and also into one of Bibi’s bedrooms where she made sure there is nothing I can mess up. 

So I got two new places I can be- my outside house and one special room in Bibi’s house.

I want you to see my outside house. It looks like this.

My new outside space is safe from predators.  It’s all covered with wire, even on the bottom, I can’t dig out and predators can’t dig in. The ground has grass growing through it. It also has a little blue house the same color as a part of Bibi’s house.

I stay out there almost all the time, even at night, even in the rain. This is a people chair on its side, and a tray on top. Bibi calls this my Bus Stop.

Here I am going down the ramp from the porch window to my outside house.

She taped up the swinging cat door but I know how to use it even when it is down.

This is my deciding shelf where I can always decide whether to be an indoor bunny or an outdoor bunny.

I almost always stay outside but when I hear Bibi just got home I go up my ramp and into her room. I come say hi and we get to snuggle.  I squeeze her fingers and kiss them like I’m cleaning something. That’s how I say thank you and I love you.

Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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