Chapter 30 Happy Together Again!

IMG_4095I want to tell you about the best thing that happened. It’s the best thing since I came to live with Bibi.

I already told you Bella and Boxer and me couldn’t live all together because Bella would snap and bite my fur off of me. She was mad at me because she made Boxer her bunny even though we used to be best friends.

Boxer was nice to me but when he would kiss me Bella got even more mad. Sometimes she even got mad at Boxer and Bibi and she peed on Bibi’s rug. And that was really my rug.  This picture is from when my cousin cat Lewis was at my house on my rug.

IMG_3495It made me sad. Bella was like this for a very very very long time ever since she made Boxer her bunny. I wanted us to all be friends. But she hurt me. Bibi got so scared when she saw Bella hurt me so we had to live in different places. I lived in Bibi’s room and they lived in their own room. Every day I went over to their door to see if I could play with them.

IMG_2652They are the only other bunnies in my family and I always want to be with them even if I do get some fur pulled off of me. They are still my best friends.

I know why Bella is that way it’s because she wants to be dominant. I want to be dominant too.  But I didn’t make Boxer my bunny so I don’t have to be mean to anybody and make sure he is only nice to me..

IMG_3718 (1)When we were at our house I lived separate from them.

But then we lived in New York for a long time when we were visiting our cousin cats Jack and Lewis. You can see them here with their toy.

IMG_3363We all stayed in the living room. Bibi and all of us. The cats could only be there if there was a person with us. Bella and Boxer had to live in their own enclosure so I wouldn’t get hurt.

IMG_3923If Bibi was there she let us all run around and play together to see if anything would get better or not.  Sometimes it got little better but then Bibi would see Bella attack me and say Sandra I am so sorry we have to forget it.

I know so many cats and I know my cousin cats and I know that it’s safe to be friends with them. Because they get food in the kitchen. They really want to say hello and play. Outdoor cats are different. They could eat you. Jack and Lewis are my cousins.

An outdoor cat is like an outdoor bunny. It will learn from it’s mommy how to find things to eat. The things it would eat would be mice and birds and sometimes rats and fish. And rabbits. It’s good that we don’t know any outdoor cats.

Jack was always waiting to get in by our gate. He wanted to say hi all the time. He even ate our hay. He drank our water and peed in our pan.I think he wanted to be a bunny and live with us.

IMG_3400And he really loved Bella.  They would always have to smell noses. I never saw her so brave before. She liked Jack.

IMG_3926 (2)Boxer never knew any cats ever. He was very scared and ran away from them. He only knows that cat are bigger and they could eat us. But I know they will not ever eat us.

I slept with Bibi every night in her bed and I never even jumped down once in the middle of the night. Most rabbits don’t sleep all night in the bed with people.

Every day more and more I kept staying right along Bella and Boxer’s enclosure. I wanted to be with them. Bella and I even smelled noses. She was less mean to me every day. Boxer and I got to kiss each a little bit every day.

I love them and I needed Bibi to just let me be with them.

One night I got myself into their enclosure. Bibi thought it was a mistake but it wasn’t. I didn’t want to have a gate or a door between us anymore.   Bibi said Sandra that’s strange how did you get in there. She pulled me out and went to sleep but I stayed on the ground. Then she got up at night and she saw that I made my way into their enclosure again.

That’s how she knew I didn’t even care if I got beat up I just wanted to be with Boxer and Bella.

IMG_3918Bibi didn’t close the enclosure ever again. Sometimes Bella chased me away from Boxer but she didn’t pull fur off me. The cats came in to say hi sometimes and everyone was friends and everyone was OK. Boxer was not scared of the cats anymore and I was not scared of Bella.

Then we left New York and we went back home to our house. Bibi’s sister Celia said that Jack was just in our room looking for us and he was sad. He didn’t even eat for two days he just stayed in there.

I miss my cousin cats but I am not sad anymore. When we got home we all lived in the same room even with Bibi. Because a lady named Samantha moved into one of our rooms so we all live together all four of us.  There are four of us in our little family. Three rabbits and Bibi. And there is Celia and our cousin cats in our bigger family.

IMG_3975Bella is not mad at me anymore. Boxer is allowed to have 2 girlfriends. He can kiss me and clean my ears and I can kiss him too. We don’t make noise at night like when we were fighting. We play together in the garden all three of us. This is a maple branch Bibi gave us.

IMG_4007One day Bibi came in and we were all snuggled together like this. She got so happy.

IMG_4087Did you ever have a friend that was mean if she had a new boyfriend but then was nice again? I think it’s because we know we are a family and we are all rabbits because we were away from home in New York and we have to stick together and be friends. If cats can be nice to us then Bella can be nice to us.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny



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