Chapter 31 We Moved To Brooklyn

We live in a different place now. We moved to the place where Bibi was always leaving to go to. It’s very far from our house.  Sometimes she took us with her, and we almost always had to stay somewhere there was cats.
Bibi keeps saying It is SO great to be in Brooklyn now we have a big backyard you will play in when it gets warm Can you believe we got an apartment with a backyard  We are a family Sandra and if you have a family you have to think of what everyone needs when you move
But I don’t know what she means. Now it is wintertime. I was out in our new backyard four times. Do you see how gray and sad it looks?
Brooklyn Garden from 2nd floor
The branches on the ground don’t taste good. I don’t think anything that grows here is going to taste good in the springtime.  There are six different cats that come in our new outdoor space all the time. If they are real outdoor cats they might not be my friends like the indoor cats I know. They come to the window. Maybe they are hungry. Look here how scary they look.
Sandra green eyed cat in yardSandra Rag doll cat in windowIMG_0292 copy
One good thing about that we live here is that Bibi comes home every single day. She used to be gone so much.  We live in a little room all four of us together with no windows.  Bibi sleeps on a big bed and we have our secret hideaway space under her bed. She put lots of things we like under there like towels and chew toys and soft things and cardboard and tree branches that we brought from our house. But now they are dry and we bit off all the bark and we need new ones.
There are so many new scary sounds also. Very very loud sounds I don’t know. We all put our ears up and Boxer starts thumping because he gets scared.
Every day I jump up on Bibi’s bed in the morning. She sees me and she always says good morning Sandra I love you so so much. She pets my head and I kiss her fingers. Boxer jumps up there too but he doesn’t kiss her. He just wants to wake her up to give us breakfast pellets. He nips her fingers. Boxer likes this pillow case.
Boxer and pillowcase
 Our new outdoor space doesn’t smell like our house in the country. Remember this when when an outdoor bunny came to say hi to us when we lived at our house before wintertime?
Sandra, Boxer and outdoor standing bunny
In Brooklyn we have two big trees but there are no birds in the trees and no outdoor bunnies and no chipmunks and no groundhogs.  Bibi said she saw a raccoon on the street. And there may be rats.  Because there is a big hole in the ground and we don’t really know who lives down there. When it is springtime maybe Boxer will see who lives down there and maybe we can play with them.  Or he could make it a good rabbit hole.
This is where we get to play until the fence is fixed then we can play everywhere.
Sandra Boxer Bella in yard in Brooklyn
Bibi says Sandra this soil is kind of nasty but we will make it magic again with you three pooping all the time. She says we will make it a magic garden where all the flowers will be happy because the soil and all the worms and little bugs will be so happy.
It’s because we make magic pellets that everything will get so strong and pretty in our garden. We will grow flowers and weeds and herbs. The more we poop the happier our garden will be.
Boxer and Bella and I make 200 magic pellets every day each. Every day Bibi puts it out there and the bugs and worms in the soil are already getting happier.
Boxer and Bella are still bonded. This is the room they like best. Sandra - Boxer and Bella in Brooklyn
They are always together always. Sometimes I get sad.
Bella and Boxer Brooklyn living room sandra in background USE
But I get to kiss Boxer sometimes too.
Boxer and Sandra snuggle in Brooklyn
When people come to visit they think we are so cute. One lady person who visited held Boxer in her lap for a long time. She said he is so chill.
We live in Brooklyn now and I am so chill too.
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 4.47.06 PM
Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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