Chapter 4: Everyone Is Too Much In My Business

When I got my new house outside I was running back and forth all the time.  I spent less time on the porch because now I had a new private place to be.

One day Bibi noticed that I wasn’t pooping in my litter pan.  She said Sandra the internet says it is a big emergency if bunny is not pooping and to take you to the hospital if you don’t poop in 12 hours.

It’s because even if we seem fine and even if we’re eating and moving around, this can be the end. We have super fragile bunny bellies.  Sometimes, if you even give us a tablespoon of something that we’re not used to we can get all stuck.

When we get stuck we can get really stuck.  If we don’t poop for 2 days we can die.

Bibi checked to feel for any big stuck bump in my bunny belly.

But I seemed so normal and I was running and jumping and dancing like I do every night. So she waited to see if I would poop the next morning.  Already at 5:30 she checked my pan. 

No poops. 

I heard her talking about me to animal hospitals on the phone. She told them all about me. They said it’s not an emergency but we have to see how today goes. Then she met her neighbor Tom who was walking his dog Watson and she told him.  Sandra may have a gastro intestinal issue She is not pooping enough.

Then she told another lady named Sue.  Then she called even another animal hospital where they have more doctors who know about rabbits. Then she came home and told neighbors Nancy and Emily.  Then she told her father on the phone.

All day to everyone she said Sandra’s not pooping enough.

And everyone said Goodnight Bibi I hope Sandra poops more tonight.

Everyone is too much in my business. I know what is going on in my bunny belly.

It’s all fine and nothing got stuck.  I just decided that my outside house is better than a litter pan on the porch.  I have my own house now so I can make poopies in a place that’s mine.

Bibi went to look in my outside house later that morning and she did see my poops on the ground!

And there will be more happy grass and flowers in that spot than anywhere else because of me!

Love, Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny/

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