Chapter 9: Sandra Goes To New York City For Christmas

The following was dictated by Sandra to Bibi.

I want to tell you about my trip.  I never went so far ever before.  Bibi put me in a carrier and we went in a car.  I only was in her car once before when we went to the vet who looked at me last year and said I was fine.

This time we were in the car for a long long time.  My carrier is really for a small dog but it’s OK, it’s good for me. I sat in it the whole time and I was very quiet. I just sat in the same place for hours.  I didn’t move and I didn’t have to go to the bathroom.

When we got there I could tell there were no trees and birds and nothing smelled like it does at home. When she took me inside we went into a little box that took us up really high, higher than a tree – but we were inside.

When I came out of my carrier there were people there who all wanted to hold me and be nice to me. They were Bibi’s family.

I had a little room to myself and Bibi put my things there.  She set up my pellets and my Timothy hay and my water and my vegetables and one more thing: my raspberry stick to chew on. There were no windows and I couldn’t get to any kind of outside house.  But that was OK. Everyone came and said hi to me all day long.

Every day people came and Bibi said: “Do you want to hold her?”  and they always said “Yes!”

Everyone in Bibi’s family got to hold me.  They kept saying: “It’s Christmas. Merry Christmas”.  I think Christmas means you go somewhere in a car and everyone in your family takes turns holding you. I liked it.

I thought it was funny there was a real tree inside with things all over it even though we weren’t on the ground, we were up in the sky.  I don’t know how it got there.  I liked to relax under that tree.

Then when we got home I was more snuggly than ever before. That’s when I started wanting to be in Bibi’s lap all of the time. Since then I just come running up to her when she comes in the room. I got more snuggly because of Christmas, because everyone held me the whole time and I was safe.

It’s OK if we go there again and we can pretend it’s Christmas.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny


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  1. Sandra: If everybun looked at things through your eyes, there would be more peace in the world. I finally met Bibi and she absolutely adores you. You are a very lucky bunny to have found such a great human mommy. Hope to meet you very soon. Love, Sugarbunny49

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