Chapter 17: Bella is Our Bunny Forever!

My best friend is going to live with us forever now!  Bella’s mommy was here 5 days ago and she said to Bibi – I’m not going to be Bella’s mommy anymore You are going to be Bella’s mommy now.

Because they are moving far away and they have a dog and a new baby they said Bella could stay with us. The girl said she would miss Bella but she knows how happy we are when we’re together.

She said Bella should stay with us forever. She said it like it was her idea. I am so happy now my friend is our bunny forever.

We love chewing bark off of maple trees.

We eat everything together.

We pretend we are outdoor bunnies. We still have to kiss all the time.

Bella plays with more rabbit toys than I do. And she chews up so so many things inside our house. She chewed the cord to the vacuum cleaner. She chewed on Bibi’s thing that makes a guitar be loud. She chewed shoes and pens. She chewed the walls in the closet. She also chews on so many things Bibi doesn’t want her to chew.  She chewed these curtains:

She chewed this carpet

She chewed our string of lights.

Then in our outside house Bella chewed through the chicken wire that is under the ground there. That is so foxes and predators can’t get in to us. Bella dug right through that too. Bibi didn’t fix it and no one tried to get in from outside yet.

In the morning when Bibi opens our door Bella zooms around the living room so so fast. I did that too when I was only 2. That is how old Bella is. Today Bella did binky hops. That means when a bunny leaps through the air and wiggles while they are in the air. We only do that if we are very happy.

Now our family is me and Bibi and Bella.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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