Chapter 15: Hello Bella!

We left our house in the city with Rocky. We missed our house too too much. There were too many sounds in that city and I never could hear the bugs sing for me anymore. But I did like having cats because they were my friends. There was even another boy cat who came to live with us whose name was Mr. Softy. He was nice to me and he was soft but not as soft as me. They like to make spraying sounds at each other and beat each other up. This is why I can’t play so good with them. But I wasn’t ever afraid of them because they don’t care about fighting with me.

We went home to our big house where we can hear all the bugs and the birds and I can play in the garden. I won’t go in the cat pan anymore and I won’t get banana in the morning with Maria anymore. I liked those two things.  I will miss Rocky. It was nice to be friends with a boy cat like him. I am glad he has a new friend to play with.

And then the best thing happened when we came back here. I got a friend who is a rabbit girl like me! Her name is Bella. She is a bigger kind of bunny than I am and she is black. Her ears are bigger. Two people said she looks like a donkey.

She lives next door. There is a little girl who is only 4 years old and it’s her rabbit. Her parents bought Bella for $20 at the fair. When she comes over to play with Bibi she brings Bella.

We got to play on the porch and Bella was mostly hiding but I got her to come out. We chased each other a lot. That’s our favorite game.

When Bibi feeds us Bella wants to eat every single thing so so fast. She also eats things I don’t eat like celery. If you give her pellets she wants to eat all the pellets right away. She eats much more than I do and poops much more than I do.  And she doesn’t know how to just go in one place.

It’s because she lives in a little cage. In her cage she is stuck and can’t go anywhere or do anything like make a nest or play bunny under the bed. Inside where she lives there is a dog so they put her cage on the porch for now. But now it is going to get cold because of wintertime.

She is so scared of people but she isn’t scared of me.

We play all day long and even have sleepovers. Bella even got to stay 4 nights once. I loved playing with Rocky but he’s a cat. We could never eat together and he didn’t want to discover new places and hide with me and I didn’t let him kiss me ever. Bella and I do every single thing together when she is here. We eat and sleep and snuggle if we’re not playing. We always always put our noses together before we do anything.

In this picture Bella is licking my head. No one ever licked my head since my bunny mommy.

Silly things keep happening like we started eating the same dandelion leaf one on each end and we ended up with a bunny kiss in the middle.

I want Bella to learn to jump so she can play in my outside house. There are two things we have to jump on to get to my outside house.  One time Bibi put her out there but she couldn’t figure out how to go back and forth because she is scared to jump up on things and down from things.

It’s because she was in a little cage for so long. When she hops across the floor Bibi says it looks like she is swimming. But every time she gets to stay with us her back legs get stronger and I know she will jump with me one day.

I always got to jump on things everyday my whole life. When I first came here I had a little fence like a playpen and I showed Bibi how I can jump over it. I wanted to show her and then I just jumped back. The whole time she thought it was keeping me inside but it wasn’t.

When they come to take Bella back I get very sad. The whole next day I don’t want to do anything. I don’t eat and I don’t want to snuggle with Bibi and I don’t play. I go to the rooms we play in most and I look for her and I get sad. I miss Bella so so much when she leaves and I want them to leave her here.

Bibi gets sad too. Bibi sneaks onto her porch and gives Bella vegetables and treats through the cage. She goes when the people are not home. And she tells her Bella I am so sad and angry you live like this You are going to be back with us We miss you and we love you Sandra can’t wait to play with you again Bella you are going to be our bunny

Once Bibi opened the cage so she could hold and pet Bella and even though she is mostly afraid of people she stood up on Bibi’s lap and pressed her whole self against Bibi’s chest for a long time and that’s how she said she wants to come be our bunny too.

I want Bella to be our bunny now.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny