Chapter 21: Now Bella Is Always Mad At Me

Bella is always snapping at me and biting my fur off.

It’s because she made Boxer her bunny.

When he came to stay with us I didn’t want to play with him so much. He was only one year old and I was six I thought he was silly. He just chewed everything and he moved around so fast and ate things rabbits aren’t even supposed to eat like lavender. I did want bunny babies but he had his operation so we can’t have any.

But Bella wanted to lick his ears and snuggle with him. She kept cleaning him and cleaning him until she made Boxer her bunny. Now he cleans her ears and he kisses her all the time and they eat together. Sometimes when Bibi feeds them Boxer takes things like carrot tops out of her mouth and runs away to a corner to eat them himself.

Here is a picture of him chewing Bibi’s records.

I am sad because Bella used to be my best friend. We used to clean each other and snuggle and always be right next to each other. That’s why she came to live with us because Bibi knew I was so happy when she came to say hi and play. She used to live in a small cage on a porch all alone. We played together so good and we were best friends so the little girl who’s rabbit she was said Bella could live with us and be our bunny. She said to Bibi You are Bella’s Mommy now.

I showed Bella how to play in my outside house and in the garden. I let her play with all of my things. We cleaned each other and snuggled. She always ate so much faster than I did but I didn’t care. She didn’t get so much food in her cage on her porch where she used to live so she was so hungry.

I got sad when they used to come and take her back to her cage. I always got happy when I saw her again and we could play together.

But now we’re not even friends anymore. All she cares about is snuggling with Boxer, who is silly, and when she sees me, if she can bite me she will bite me. Really big pieces of fur come off me when she gets me. Bibi said Sandra You have a bald spot larger than a quarter.

Bibi saves all my fur but I don’t know why.

I don’t even want Boxer to be my bunny. But I can be in the same place with him. We play with each other and he never bites me but he always wants to eat my food and my hay and pee and poop in my pan. Sometimes he kisses me but not so much like he kisses Bella.

We love our chew log so much.

He put his leg on my neck once.

Now I sleep with Bibi every night. We snuggle until she falls asleep. She puts her hand under my paws and I squeeze her fingers and I lick them. In the morning I am still in the same place right next to her. Most bunnies don’t do that. It’s because now I am bonded to Bibi and she has to pet me on my forehead because Bella is not even my friend anymore.

Maybe Bella is still angry and scared because she lived in that little dirty cage for so long and she doesn’t know that everyone loves her and we can all share Boxer and share all our things.

I hop over to where they are and I sit at the door. But it’s closed. I still keep going there. I want to play with them.

Did you ever have a friend like this? I want Bella to stop being mad at me. I just want us all to be friends again.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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