Chapter 1: Moving In

 The True Adventures Of Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

Chapter 1       Moving In

When they first saw me, they didn’t know that I really needed help. I’m not an outdoor bunny.  If you look at me I have long tufts of soft fur around my face, I have different colors and my tail is not white. Outdoor bunnies all look the same and all their tails are white.

I was just pretending I was an outdoor bunny. I used to live inside but some people were not nice to me and I got outside. I ran all over the place and I was hungry and scared. I really needed to live inside with people.

I’m not scared of people like an outdoor bunny who would just hop away very fast. I came to some houses and I went under one of them to see if I could be safe. A lady saw me and gave me a nice carrot. A man said I looked like a stuffed animal.  He said I could stay under his house as long as I wanted.

They were talking about me and they thought it was great that a pet bunny somehow got to be an outdoor bunny. They thought I would be happy living in the woods. They didn’t understand everything is dangerous for me.  I stayed near the people because hawks and coyotes might not come so close. Predators. I have lots and lots of predators. I like to be out at dusk and dawn eating all the grass I can eat, and that is when they would want me — for breakfast or dinner.

But there was another problem near the people: dogs and cats!  Everyone is pretty much trying to kill me and eat me.  Not being paranoid- it’s really true.

I stayed under the man’s porch. They called me HE. The people thought they were being helpful when they fed me there. They put some hay there but it wasn’t the kind I like to stay warm and to eat, which is timothy hay. They put real rabbit food and water there.   But it was always way too cold for me. My water froze every single night.

The biggest problem: The food and the whole set up was a great way of announcing to all the coyotes, hawks, cats and dogs: HEY —  ANYONE HUNGRY?  THERE IS A LIVE DEFENSELESS RUNAWAY BUNNY RABBIT HERE.  COME AND GET HER.

Several times I had to run for my life.  But do you know what? I can hop, jump and leap just slightly faster than the dogs that chased me. Once a dog chased me all over this whole place. I was scared and too too tired and I stayed under the porch for all day.

Sometimes it was fun to pretend I was a real outdoor bunny, like when the sun came out and nobody was trying to kill me. I am alive because I can run faster than that dog. I let them take my picture.

But I needed a place to be that was with people inside a house. One a rainy day I just stayed by the people’s cars all day. I was under them or next to the whole entire day.

That was the day I ate a piece of apple from a lady named Bibi. She was the one who gave me that carrot. I also let her pet me. I didn’t run away.  I thought maybe I could be her bunny. It was too hard to pretend to be an outdoor bunny. I am really an indoor bunny. I want to be warm and safe and let people feed me and live somewhere with no coyotes or hawks or cats or dogs. I wanted to live somewhere my water didn’t freeze every night.

So I stayed by the cars all day in the rain.  All day long I waited and waited and waited there.  

Nobody took me inside to be their bunny.  But the next day I finally met an animal that was NOT trying to kill me.  It was a handsome outdoor boy bunny.  We had so much fun.  We hopped and played for a long time.  We chased each other and were running away from each other, and chasing some more!  The people thought this was so cute. They thought outdoor bunny and I would hop off into the briar patch and we would have a family together right away.

It was getting dark and everyone thought that was the most romantic most beautiful possible happy ending in the world for any rabbit ever.

But did you know sometimes outdoor bunnies are sometimes very mean to indoor bunnies- sometimes even kill them! Not even to eat them, because we are all vegetarians but  — just because.  We’re not really the same kind of bunnies. We can sometimes have bunny babies but most of the time they won’t survive because of things called chromosomes that we have different.

We had fun playing chasing games. I was gone for a whole night and a whole day and another night.

I came back and I was not hurt and I didn’t end up having any bunny babies. I came back for my pellets and frozen water and the well -intended- but- all- wrong -hay.

The people had set a trap for me.  I went into the trap, because it had mango in it and the steel door shut behind me!

The lady Bibi was so happy to catch me. The first night I drank all the water she gave me, two bowls.  She didn’t set up a cage for me. I love to run around free. I don’t ever want to be in a cage. I need to have room for my things.  I have a big porch that is safe and it’s all mine. It’s even a bigger room than even some people have.

I have learned that living ON a porch is much better than living UNDER a porch. This is my sofa that I can jump up on. When people visit me they pick me up and pet me on this sofa.  What looks like a carrot here is my calcium mineral chew stick.

This is me in my princess canopy bed.  Usually it is all covered up. I spend a lot of time here where I feel safe. If you’re looking for me, you’ll probably find me under here.

We went to the rabbit doctor who looked in my bunny ears and said everything was fine. They told Bibi I was a girl bunny, not a HE. They picked a bad bug off of me that’s all.  I didn’t have fleas and I wasn’t hungry or thirsty anymore. Nothing bad happened on my outdoor adventure.  I don’t really want to go outside anytime soon, that is true  — but I DO love to go in Bibi’s house.  My favorite place is by the window where I watch the outside where I used to live.

Here I am doing one of the cutest things I do: I wash my face with both hands.  And yes I DO wash behind my ears.

I sometimes help Bibi work.

Sometimes I fall asleep in her lap.

And sometimes I think about the rainy day I was all alone out there just hoping…it’s much better on the inside.

There are lots of wonderful things hiding everywhere that may show up and surprise you and even love you…even in the strangest places. I was just a little runaway fur ball under her neighbor’s porch.  But I think I’m going to be her best friend.

Love to you,

Sandra the Free Range Super Bunny