Chapter 9: Sandra Goes To New York For Christmas

I want to tell you about my trip.  I never went so far ever before.  Bibi put me in a bag for traveling and we went together in a noisy fast thing that’s how Bibi got us there.  I only was in that once before when we went to the bunny doctor who looked at me last year and said I was fine.

This time we were in it for a long long time.  My traveling bag is really for a cat or a small dog but it’s OK, it’s good for me.

I sat in it the whole time and I was very quiet. I just sat in the same place.  I didn’t move and I didn’t have to pee or make any magic pellets.

When we got there I could tell there were no trees and birds and nothing smelled like it does at home. Bibi took me inside a building and we went into a little box then she pushed a button and it took us up really high, higher than a tree – but we were inside.

When I came out of my traveling bag there were people there who all wanted to hold me and be nice to me. They were Bibi’s family. They said Hi Sandra we heard so much about you.

I had a very little room to myself and Bibi put my things there. She set up my pellets and my timothy hay and my water and my  towels to make it soft and my vegetables and one more thing: my raspberry stick to chew on. There were no windows and I couldn’t get to any kind of outside house.  I didn’t hear any birds or bugs. Just heard so many sounds I never heard before. But I wasn’t lonely, because everyone came and said hi to me all day long.

Bibi said to every single person in her family Do you want to hold her and they always said Yes.

Everyone in Bibi’s family got to hold me.  They kept saying It’s Christmas Merry Christmas. Christmas means you go somewhere in a fast noisy thing and you have to stay in the bathroom and everyone in your family takes turns holding you. I liked it.

I thought it was silly there was a real tree inside with things all over it even though we weren’t on the ground, we were up in the sky.  I don’t know how it got there.  I liked to be a long stretched out bunny under that tree.

I never was around so many people before.  They make a lot of different sounds, sometimes loud sounds.  Laughing and singing are also people sounds. And then they sometimes have a big box that they turn on and even more people are making even more sounds and you can see the faces. I thought that was silly because they could already talk with each other. Why did they have to turn on that box? When they turned it on everyone just looked at it and stopped talking.

All the bunnies in New York must be indoor bunnies because there is nothing outdoor bunnies need outside like weeds sticks and twigs and places to dig rabbit holes.

Then when we got home I was more snuggly than ever before. That’s when I started wanting to be in Bibi’s lap all of the time. Since then I just come running up to her when she comes in the room.

I got more snuggly because of Christmas, because everyone held me the whole time and I was safe.

It’s ok if we go there again and we can pretend it’s Christmas.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny