Chapter 13: Sandra Moves To Manhattan And Gets Her Own Friends

When Bibi met me I was pretending to be an outdoor bunny but I’m not.  I stayed under a house next to her house in the country in the mountains. She saw me and she could tell I was supposed to be an indoor bunny and she said I could stay with her. She didn’t have any bunnies and she didn’t even know any bunnies.

I moved into her house and  lived on her porch then she built me my own outside house and I got my own indoor bedroom. I also have a garden playground.

And now do you know where we live? We live in a very very very big city. We have a new place to be. Bibi said Sandra we have to spend more time in the city because I have to work I promise you it won’t be so bad and we still will have our house.

A lady named Maria said we could live there with her in the big big city. There are two cats that live there too. Their names are Rocky and Biscotti.

It means I have my own friends. I don’t have to just be alone anymore.  If Bibi is gone at night, I can play with my friends. I am not afraid of any cats anymore because I like it when they chase me and they don’t care about eating me.  They get food every single day from the kitchen from Maria.

Rocky is a young boy cat and he only has one eye. He comes from some place where there was a storm and he got lost.  He can’t see so good. He has six toes not five.  He makes a funny meow sound if he wants something.

Most of the time he wants food and after that he wants Biscotti’s food.  Just like my cousin Jack who is also a boy cat, Rocky likes to turn over on his back and he lets people pet his big belly. I would never do that.

Biscotti is an old lady cat. When she first met me she made a spraying sound at me.  She never chases me. Sometimes she comes into my room where my things are and she drinks my water. Then she goes back to sleep on her sofa. Once she tried to eat a dandelion leaf but she couldn’t.

The one I play with every single day is Rocky. I go right up to Rocky and I sometimes scare him. He can’t see so good with just one eye. He jumps back a little and that’s how I know I scared him. That’s how I get him to chase me. Or sometimes he pats me with his paw when he wants to play and we play. I can get into so many more places than he can and under things and behind things and I can go so fast.

He never can catch me that’s why I am not scared.

I don’t have my outside house or my garden every single day – but I have my friends!

Every day I just hop out to the living room to play with all of them and Maria pets me and she pets them.

Biscotti and Rocky stay on their sofa if they are not eating. Sometimes they clean each other. Rocky bites and kisses Biscotti and sometimes she gets mad and makes a meow sound.

Bibi always said We’re going to move somewhere with more people and more animals and we’re going to have like a family. And now we do.

The other thing I like about where we moved is Bibi and I live in the same room now.

Every morning whoever wakes up first says hi to the other one and we snuggle. I think breakfast time should be around 5:30 so sometimes I jump onto the bed and I wake Bibi up and she says Sandra can we just snuggle I am so tired. And sometimes she gets up and gets me organic kale and carrot tops from the kitchen and she goes back to sleep.

If she wakes up first and I am not in her bed she talks to me and I jump up. We snuggle first and then she gets me my breakfast.

Under Bibi’s bed is where I have all my things. I have sticks from willow trees and hay and fresh vegetables and pellets and water.

My litter pan where I go to the bathroom is in another place in the room. How she knew to put it right there was that I kept pooping in that corner even though she set up my pan somewhere else. Then she figured it out that I know where I want my pan and she put it there.

She always says Sandra you are the little bunny I love so so much.

Sometimes we all have breakfast at the same time. Rocky and Biscotti eat different food than me.  Like my cousin cat Jack, they can eat chickens and turkeys and cows and pigs and all the fish and all the birds and mice. They don’t really care about hay and dandelions. But my cousin cat Jack likes grass and he doesn’t even throw it up.

Once Bibi bought me a pound of organic pea shoots from the farmers market and I had to eat pea shoots every day for a week. That was too too many pea shoots. But the farmers market is right downstairs and they have other things I like too.

We still can go to our house in the mountains. When we go there I have so much more room to run… but I really miss Rocky. Maria says, when we’re gone, both my cat friends go looking for me in our room every day.

There is one thing that made me scared of my outside house though. Last summer we had a fox who kept visiting us. He can’t get to me in my outside house but he scared me. I am not afraid of inside cats but I am afraid of  outside foxes. This is what he looks like.

He snuck around all summer at our house because he wants people to feed him.

No fox can ever get me if we live in this big city. I sometimes hear new sounds that frighten me and I don’t know what they are. Sometimes they come from the sky and sometimes from the ground. They are loud and scary sounds and they are not from other animals. This is what is outside our window at daytime and nighttime:

I am happy we can stay here with Rocky and Biscotti and Maria.  I really love my new friends. I hope you have lots of good friends and different kinds of friends too!


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

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