Chapter 7: Sandra’s Cousin Cat Jack

Hi It’s me Sandra. At home we have one thing that is different now.

My cousin cat Jack is here.

He came here to scare our mice. That is what he is so good at. Bibi is afraid of them and I don’t care about them. Jack thinks they are his most fun toys. He sits where he smells them and he waits for them to come out. Last week he had one cornered behind the fire extinguisher. There was no way this mouse could run away. Jack was so happy.

But Bibi won’t really let him catch them. She picked Jack up and put him in the bedroom so the mouse could run away because she was scared it would get hurt.

Then after that he caught one and he took it to the bathtub to play with it. AGAIN she put Jack in the bedroom. She gave the mouse a rug so he could climb out of the bathtub and she fixed the door so he could get out. Jack was locked up so he couldn’t get him when the mouse ran away.

We don’t even know who’s side she’s on.

This is what Jack looks like when he knows there is a mouse in the stove.

Then he jumps down to get it!  He hopes Bibi is not looking.

Jack likes being up high on top of things and in front of things. I mostly like being behind things and under things. Jack is so so much bigger than me.  I think it would take more than ten of me to be as big as he is. His person mommy Celia who is Bibi’s sister found him on the street where she lives. She said Oh he is SO CUTE we have to take him home. And they did.  So Jack has a good place to be, like me and he is not lost and alone anymore.

When he was little they had to take him to the hospital, twice, to get into his stomach and pull things out because he ate hair ties and rubber bands and little silly things he found on the floor that were garbage.

This is me and Jack at Celia’s house being friends.

The first time Jack came to my house he was a baby cat. He was smaller than me but he was still scary  so we didn’t really know how to play together. I was scared of his claws and he made a spraying sound at me. He was like a little lion. But I let him play in my outside house and he liked it. You can see here when he came back inside.

Cats have four sounds: a meow sound, a purr sound, a spraying sound and an angry loud crying sound.

And they do things so different than rabbits. One crazy thing: he lies on his back all the time and he lets people he doesn’t even know rub his belly!

Then when he wants to go to sleep he doesn’t even look for a good hiding place. He just makes himself into a circle on a bed or sofa where anyone can get him and he closes his eyes and stays there for hours. Then he wakes up and makes himself long and stretchy and he wants someone to rub his belly again. Then he make his purr sound.

He is never afraid of anything.  He walks up to people he doesn’t even know and he rubs his head against them. I don’t know how he does that.

One funny thing he does that I don’t do is that he plays with things that he wishes were mice. He moves balls on the ground with his paws. If you throw one at him he will chase it even under things and behind things.

He can eat fishes and birds. He eats cows and chickens and turkeys. I am a little afraid because he probably likes rabbits too… but here you can see I go right up to him and say hi… especially if Bibi is right behind me.

I let my cousin cat Jack play in my outside house today. We even played there at the same time.

First I was scared then I just let Bibi take the picture.

I am glad there is something of mine that he likes.

Yesterday he went to sleep then he woke up and Bibi rubbed his belly and he purred. Then she picked me up and said I love you so much little Sandra and she said it in both bunny ears and she pet me for a long time.  I don’t have a purr sound but I do squeeze her fingers with my paws and I lick her fingers when she holds me and pets me and talks to me. That is how she knows I am also happy.

Once she was petting both of us and we were both licking her fingers on different hands.

We just all have different things and same things. Bibi and I are both girls and we can’t kill mice and we eat things from the garden.  Jack and I are both animals who were lost and now we have good places to be and we have fur that we clean ourselves. Bibi and Jack make loud sounds if they want to and they’re not afraid and they don’t need to hide.

I think it’s good if you know your cousins even if they are different and a little scary. I hope you get to play with your cousins this summer too.


Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny