Bibi and Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny

Photo: Emily Curran

In March of 2011, an unusual looking rabbit took up residence under my neighbor’s porch, in Kerhonkson, NY. I thought it was strange that the animal never went into the nearby woods to assimilate with the local wild rabbit population. I threw “him” some carrots. Eventually I put some straw and water down. The temperatures were freezing and the water froze each night. Dogs chased the poor thing, but the rabbit ran faster, always managed to escape and come back to this place. I became curious. I learned that domestic rabbits are frequently released into the outdoors by clueless owners with no means of survival. Local animal shelters told me to trap him and bring him inside. The rabbit would only last two weeks at the very most in the outdoors. But there was a waiting list of 12 rabbits to even get into nearest shelter, 40 miles away in Woodstock.

OK, I thought. I’ll keep him on my porch until I could find him a good home myself.

The very last thing on my mind was taking on a pet rabbit. I had not had a cat in the last 25 years. I traveled constantly back and forth to NYC for work as a musician and entertainer at that time. But I wanted to save this little creature. After three weeks, I managed to trap the bunny in a HavAHeart trap. Once safe on my porch, I snapped pictures to add to a flyer in the pet store.

“Sweet Friendly Pet Rabbit For Adoption”

But I was already in love. I drove back and took it down the next day. That was 8 years ago. We went to the vet. All healthy – and they said it was probably a young female.

These are the stories that have made up our lives together, as told through her eyes.

Sandra, as it turned out, ended up saving me. Her heart, intelligence, courage and sense of humor have cast a spell on me that will last me a lifetime.

Welcome in to our world, where Sandra will tell you all about the highs and the lows, the friends and the foes, the country and the city, and the joys of being an indoor bunny with a place to be in this world. We’re so happy to share these adventures with you!

Bibi Farber is Sandra’s ghostwriter and best person friend.

She also sings, writes and plays music

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