About Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny:

She is a dwarf rabbit of unknown origin and breed, discovered in March 2011 running around in a bungalow colony in Kerhonkson, a mountain town in the Hudson Valley of New York. She is an unspayed female weighing about 2.3 lbs. She was probably born in early 2011 and was for some reason abandoned to fend for herself. She hung around for 2 weeks under Bibi’s neighbor’s porch until she moved onto Bibi’s porch, then into Bibi’s house and heart. She has never tried to run away and shows her friendship and appreciation every single day.

About Bibi Farber:

She is a human female from New York City, of mixed breeds, Jewish and Swedish. She was born in 1963 and weighs about 132 lbs. Bibi is a musician and songwriter in the pop/rock genre. See www.bibifarber.com for great music. She also produces www.Nextworldtv.com, an online video gallery of sustainable solutions for the planet. Bibi is always trying to run away from something or another, but never from her beloved unexpected new best friend in the world, Sandra.

They both enjoy fresh air, organic vegetables and cuddling.

You can email Bibi at bibifarber@earthlink.net