Chapter 26: There Is A Boy Bunny In Our House!

By Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny, as told to Bibi FarberIMG_2625

He lives in the bathroom. He is almost all white but he has grey ears. Bibi brought him home a few days ago. She said he was lost. He was on the street when people she knows found him. They have two big dogs that eat rabbits so that wasn’t a place he could be.

IMG_2609Probably someone put him outside who didn’t want him anymore. But indoor bunnies need to be indoors and need to be someone’s bunny.

Bibi took him home and then to the doctor. He didn’t have any bad bugs on him or anything wrong with him. He is only a year old.

IMG_2621He has to stay in the bathroom until his operation because…because we would make bunny babies. I can still make bunny babies but Bella can’t because of her operation. I am almost 8 years old and I never had any. But Bibi doesn’t want there to be any bunny babies.

IMG_2648Sometimes he gets playtime in the whole house. Then we have to stay locked in a room. This is what he does: he goes to the door and leaves us a pile of his magic pellets! Like he wants us to smell him and know he is there.

IMG_2647And we go outside where he is too because it is exciting to have a boy bunny in our house. We sometimes leave magic pellets for him too.

IMG_2652 But it got so different when he came here. Bella and I don’t snuggle anymore. This is how we used to always snuggle:sandra and bella best friends

We even started fighting again so Bibi finds big piles of my fur some places.

Bella knocked over the water bowl three times since he came here because she can’t be still.

Every day Bibi brings him out like he is her new little baby and she holds him in her arms and kneels down with him just so we can say hi.

Bella is so silly. She goes right up to him every time. She smells his mouth and licks around his eyes and checks his bunny butt. He got his fur all tangled there. It’s like he has dreadlocks all around his bunny butt.

I will smell him but not today. I am not so silly like Bella.

IMG_2633I don’t know if he is going to stay and be in our family. If I could meet him for 2 minutes before his operation we could have bunny babies.  They would be creamsicle colored.

I would take care of them. I don’t know what Bibi is so worried about.

Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny


Another Rabbit In My Life?        By Bibi Farber

On the day after Christmas 2015, Boxing Day, I was staying with friends in Bogota, NJ. I turned in early but went out walking their two hunting dogs late at night in the rain. When we all woke up the next day they said: “You wouldn’t believe what we found last night!” They led me down to the basement , and in a large dog crate was a beautiful white dwarf rabbit.

“The dogs were hysterical! It took forever but we managed to get him out from under the hedges. He seems fine don’t you think?”

He was indeed a beautiful, super soft and very mild mannered creature and I feel in love at first sight- but I didn’t think he seemed fine. First of all, I was concerned that he had not made pellets all night. Even a 24 hour period of blockage can mean death to a rabbit, and they are supposed to be taken to the vet right away. It had been maybe 8 hours since his rescue. My friends gave him some people-salad, but all he really wanted was the carrots. Not ideal for the possible gastro issues we might be dealing with. When I picked him up I could feel impenetrable masses of matted fur around his bottom. We had no idea how long he had been hopping around the streets of Bogota, NJ. Other than this, he seemed to be in good health.

We discussed turning him over to a shelter. I called my friend Donna who volunteers at the Kingston SPCA. She explained that they have trouble paying for the vet bills with the existing bunnies needing care. The couple I was staying with are real animal lovers and they contribute to shelters and rescue groups, so they didn’t want to just dump this little fellow off and make him someone else’s problem either.

We agreed I would take him home, try to get his gut moving again, make sure he sees a vet, and maybe then surrender him to a shelter or try to find him a home.  They graciously and generously offered to take care of the medical expenses, and without that support I could not have taken him in. I would have had to surrender him immediately.

I wasn’t sure how long we had- all I cared about was getting his gut moving again. From what I have read, they act totally normal until they just drop dead from blockage. But I have experienced Sandra not pooping for a 12 hour period and recovering. Once she had to be kept at the vet overnight, hydrated and given motility drugs to clear a blockage. The trick is to make sure they eat lots of hay- not pellets, not fruit, not even too much greens. Hay is the magic material to return their guts to health.

But he seemed very chipper and what a sweet friendly cuddly bunny he was!IMG_2619

I drove him upstate in a cardboard box with a blanket and some hay in it. I set him up in the bathroom and force fed with a syringe, Critical Care- a high density nutritious food for malnourished lagamorphs and rodents. He finally produced some magic pellets, so that was the urgent problem solved! I made an appointment with Dr. Factor at the West End Veterinary center in Newburgh for the next day.

I was concerned because the testicles looked so very strange- inflamed and almost like they had protrusions coming out of them. I wasn’t even sure they were testicles! Everyone at the vet laughed and reassured me- no, this is a perfectly healthy intact male, about a year old at the most. He probably wasn’t out on the street very long. His matted fur around his bottom may be due to unsanitary conditions in his cage. They would deal with that when he is sedated. We agreed he should be neutered so wherever he ends up, at least that bit of business is taken care of and he will be welcome in a home with other rabbits. He was tested for parasites and worms and came out negative.

We call him Boxer because he was found on Boxing Day, 2015.

I don’t know whether I can keep him forever but he will be with me until he recovers from being neutered and I will see how the girls like him. I can already tell he loves them. Bella is much more forward with him, while Sandra is keeping her distance when I offer a few minutes of supervised interaction. Funny because Bella is spayed and Sandra is not. All three are aroused by the situation and running around like giddy teenagers – and I am the parent ruining all the fun!

IMG_2626People say these creatures were lucky to be saved – yet they are the ones saving me. Sandra is nestled in my lap right now, and I am so grateful because she has not wanted to snuggle or connect with me since this little fellow came a week ago today.  Bella has her nose against the door behind which the boy bunny is residing.

Will he be their new little brother?







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