This is a love story. A creature came out of the woods late last winter looking for a home. A runaway or more likely abandoned, domestic rabbit. My name is Bibi Farber, and I took her in, knowing nothing about rabbits, and not being prepared for life with a pet after more than 25 years without one. The shelters had a waiting list of 12 rabbits to even get into the shelter! I was scrambling to just figure out how to foster her until I could find her a home.I wanted to save her. She ended up saving me. I am mesmerized by her communication, her intelligence, her awareness and her love. This story is told from both our narratives.


Chapter 1: Sandra’s First Adventure – Moving In

“This is the story of a domestic runaway or most likely abandoned rabbit who was spotted in early March of 2011 under my neighbor’s porch. I have taken photos to document her story, but am letting her speak to you directly. These excerpts are from her upcoming book of memoirs.

When they first saw me, they didn’t know that I really needed help. It was obvious I was not a garden rabbit, first of all because of my long tufts of soft fur around my face, and my unusual colors. Also, I seemed to want to hang around the houses instead of hopping away quick quick quick like an outdoor rabbit. I was a little out of place. What to do? The shelters are always full to capacity and there’s even a waiting list of 12 rabbits to get in. A lady named BIbi gave me an organic carrot. Her neighbor John said I looked like a stuffed animal. He said I could stay under his house as long as I wanted…”

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